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Issue Position: Jobs & the Economy

Issue Position

Congressman Gonzalez understands that putting Americans back to work must be our top priority. Rebuilding a thriving economy is also historically proven to be the best way to reduce our federal budget deficit and pay down the debt racked up while Republicans controlled the White House and Congress.

Congressman Gonzalez has been working to move America forward, by supporting legislation that creates economic opportunity for small businesses and American workers. The American Recovery & Reinvestment Act didn't just cut taxes on 95% of working Americans, it also included more than $700 million for small businesses, including waiving SBA fees and backing millions in new loans. The American Jobs & Closing Tax Loopholes Act would give small businesses access to essential credit, through billions in new loan guarantees, while its R&D tax credits would help businesses create and manufacture the products of the future. The Small Business & Infrastructure Jobs Act would extend the Build America Bonds program created by the Recovery Act, which has financed more than $100 billion in rebuilding our nation's infrastructure, as well as encouraging investment by waiving small business capital gains tax. Through these bills and other like them, Congressman Gonzalez has fought to provide incentives for businesses to hire unemployed American workers, prevent corporation from shipping jobs overseas at U.S. taxpayer expense, and invest in the infrastructure on which our businesses all depend.

There is still a long way to go on rebuilding our national and local economies, and Congressman Gonzalez will work to lay a strong foundation for long-term growth.