Woodall Participates in Televised Atlanta Press Club Debate

Press Release

Last night, Rob Woodall, candidate for Congress in Georgia's Seventh Congressional District, participated in the first and only televised debate before November 2 with his Democrat opponent.

"I would like to thank the Atlanta Press Club for hosting another debate for Georgia's Seventh District Congressional seat," Woodall said afterward. "It is important for voters to see that they have a choice in this election."

The half-hour debate, which was hosted by the Atlanta Press Club and broadcast from Georgia Public Broadcasting, consisted of three rounds. In the first round, a panel of three journalists asked each candidate a question to which the candidates were allowed one minute to respond to their respective question. Candidates were then permitted to ask one question of each other for the second round of the debate. The final round was devoted to more questions by the panel to which the candidates had one minute to respond and a 30-second rebuttal if the moderator deemed it appropriate. Footage of the entire debate will be available on the Georgia Public Broadcasting website, found by clicking here.

Woodall fielded questions from the panelists on issues including repealing the estate tax and extending the Bush-era tax cuts. Woodall was also asked to share his position on the health care overhaul as well as convey his stance on immigration reform.

"I support bringing jobs back to Georgia--bringing jobs back to this country, for that matter. There is only one way to facilitate economic growth once again in this country and that is by getting the Federal government off the backs of the American people," Woodall said. "I support innovative solutions to our nation's issues like the FairTax and redirecting TARP and stimulus money toward paying off the national debt."

"There are fundamental differences between me and my opponent in this race," Woodall continued. "I support the FairTax. My opponent opposes it. I support repealing ObamaCare in its entirety. My opponent opposes repeal. I support sealing our nation's borders before we move forward with immigration "reform.' My opponent supports amnesty for illegals. The bottom line is that I support giving power back to the people and ensuring a positive future for American enterprise. My opponent supports a "program for every problem' solution that suppresses innovation and stunts our nation's economic growth and welfare."

Woodall hopes the conversation does not end with the televised debate and promises to continue holding as many discussions as possible between now and the November 2 election. "I have only one goal when I get to Congress and that is to serve the 800,000 people in this District that I represent," Woodall said. "The best way I can do this is to keep listening to what the voters want. I will continue to hold regular Freedom Forums and invite anyone who wants to share to come out and be a part of them."

Woodall's next Freedom Forum is this Thursday, October 14, at 7PM, at Magnolia Estates in Winder, GA.