Issue Position: Economy

Issue Position

Rep. Rohrabacher voted against all Bailouts and Stimulus Packages because they lacked scrutiny, guidelines and had no real reform.

When other less courageous members of Congress were stampeded into voting for a $700 Billion taxpayer ripoff, Dana was a strong NO vote against the the Wallstreet Bailout. Dana knows that hundreds of billions of dollars will end up being given to foreign banks and others who don't deserve to get their hands on our limited tax dollars.

Dana has received numerous awards from taxpayer organizations for his diligence in protecting the interests of ordinary Americans. He's willing to take on the big guys in order to protect the little guys. He voted to take away the bonus money from corporate executives whose companies were so poorly managed they had to be saved by a taxpayer bailout. Rep. Rohrabacher has authored anti-bailout ripoff legislation, HR 1656, that would establish that all bonus money given to a company's top executive must be returned as a prerequisite before any federal subsidies or bailout funds are transferred to that company.

Dana is opposed to Obama's massive spending and deficit budget. He will oppose efforts to saddle the American people with $650 billion per year energy costs as part of a so-called "Cap and Trade" Program.

Dana has been the champion of lower taxes, especially supporting the elimination of the Death Tax. He still fights against wasteful and unnecessary government spending, and he still backs policies that keep inflation down. That means, unlike other politicians, he never promises something for nothing, and he often says NO to new spending schemes.