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The Debt is Killing Us, Says DioGuardi

Press Release

Date: Nov. 1, 2010
Location: New York, NY

Senate candidate holds press conference at the national debt clock in NYC

Joe DioGuardi, Conservative and Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate, today held a press conference at the national debt clock in New York City, where he discussed the ways Washington is concealing the real U.S. debt.

"The national debt clock is wrong," said DioGuardi. "It says $14 trillion, but that is only part of the sum. In reality, the debt exceeds $63 trillion - something more Americans would know if Washington stopped using accounting tricks and gimmicks to try to convince voters otherwise. Kirsten Gillibrand is working with other Washington insiders to be sure that America doesn't know the extent of our national debt. Gillibrand is lying to the American people and in the process, jeopardizing the American dream."

A Certified Public Accountant, DioGuardi has worked to highlight the accounting gimmicks and tricks Washington insiders like Kirsten Gillibrand are using to hide the real national debt. Additionally, DioGuardi has prepared a taxpayer credit card statement, revealing the amount each taxpayer owes to cover the national debt as well as what was spent per taxpayer for each major classification of the federal budget for the last fiscal year.