Issue Position: Education

Issue Position

A high quality education, from elementary school to higher education, is important to each student and critical to our nation's future. I look at education as a partnership between federal, state and local governments and families.

Even though many of the goals of No Child Left Behind are admirable, I am concerned that politicians in Washington do not best represent the needs of children in Chanute, Iola or Atchison. When No Child Left Behind is reauthorized, we need to reform the program so changes can be made at the state and local level by teachers and leaders who best know the local students and schools. There needs to be assurances that teachers are not merely teaching to the test.

The universities and colleges in the Second District contribute greatly to communities and to the entire state in terms of research and economic development. The price-tag for higher education, whether from a four-year university, a community college or a vocation school, has increased significantly in recent years. As state treasurer, I worked tirelessly to help folks save for college. We need to make certain all students are able to afford a higher education degree. There are grants, federal student loans, and competitive scholarships for students to apply for, and it is important for students and families to know all options that are available to pay for school. Click here for more information on financial aid for college students.