Wicker Votes to Prevent Americans from Receiving Largest Tax Hike in History


Date: Dec. 15, 2010
Location: Washington, DC
Issues: Taxes

.S. Senator Roger Wicker (R-Miss.) issued the following statement today after voting to prevent tax hikes from hitting Americans on Jan. 1, 2011:

"Raising taxes on any American family or small business would further strain our weak economic recovery. Extending the existing tax rates helps create stability so businesses can invest and hire. Preventing the largest tax hike from hitting Americans is one of the many steps we need to get our economy back on track.

"I am glad that the Senate's year-end tax package also includes a continuation of my GO Zone bond and bonus depreciation provisions to help the Gulf Coast attract private investment and create jobs. These GO Zone provisions provide important tools to spur economic development in the hard hit areas along the Gulf."

The Senate passed the tax package by a vote of 81 to 19. The legislation now heads to the House of Representatives for final passage.