National Marriage Week

Floor Speech

Mr. McINTYRE. Mr. Speaker, I rise today in support of National Marriage Week, which occurs annually during the week of February 7th. National Marriage Week was established to help couples strengthen their commitment to each other by hosting special events, marriage classes, and home support groups. While it is important for couples to focus on their marriage every day, National Marriage Week is an excellent opportunity for Americans to rededicate themselves to their spouse and to their family.

Marriage was ordained and instituted by God. It is the glue that binds the American family, and the safest harbor in which to raise children. Studies indicate that men and women who have a strong marriage tend to live longer, have better health, and experience more personal joy. Strong marriages also create the safest harbor for children to flourish and experience the complete spiritual, moral, emotional, educational, and financial benefits of both parents.

I have been a long-time advocate of traditional marriage, and have been pleased to support numerous pieces of legislation to protect this sacred institution. The family structure is the cornerstone of our society, and we should emphasize its importance. I encourage all Americans to use this opportunity to renew their commitment and devotion to their spouse, and to personally take the steps they can to preserve this important institution.