Capitol Connection Newsletter

Press Release

Latest Jobs Reports Show Weak Job Market:

Late last week, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released its monthly labor report for January. Their findings show that the job outlook continues to be bleak. For twenty-one consecutive months, the rate of unemployment has been at or above 9 percent -- the longest such streak since the Great Depression. While the rate of unemployment dropped .4 percentage points in January, the BLS report shows the economy only gained an anemic 36,000 jobs, the slowest gain in four months. Contributing to the reduced unemployment rate was the exit of 504,000 Americans from the workforce due to the poor job market. Even more disturbing, according to Gallup's monthly employment survey, the underemployment rate which accounts for the number of unemployed workers, job-seekers unable to find full-time employment, and those who are discouraged from looking for work, stands at 18.9 percent. Despite promises that increased government spending would jumpstart our economy, these figures clearly show that our country must change course and give our nation's employers the certainty they need to grow and create new jobs. Congressman Miller will continue to work with his colleagues in the House of Representatives to pursue policies that will reduce the size and cost of government by reducing federal spending and the national debt, and eliminate costly and unnecessary federal mandates on job creators.

House Votes to Review Job-Crushing Federal Regulations:

In order to put Americans back to work, Congressman Miller believes that we must tear down the obstacles that hinder the ability of our nation's employers from expanding and creating new jobs. Federal regulations stifle innovation and investment in our economy by increasing the cost of doing business. For our nation's small businesses, these costs are particularly burdensome. According to the Small Business Administration, the average small business with fewer than twenty employees faces a cost each year directly attributed to federal regulations of over $10,000 per employee. Unfortunately, over the past two years, the Obama Administration has promulgated 121 new major regulations. The President's $2.6 trillion government overhaul of our nation's health care system has alone added 6,123 pages of new federal regulations since it was enacted nine months ago. On Friday, House Republicans passed a resolution directing several congressional committees to review federal agency rules and regulations under their jurisdiction that are harmful to economic growth and job creation. Congressman Miller looks forward to reviewing the committees' findings to ensure the removal of all unnecessary rules that are impeding private-sector job growth, discouraging innovation and investments, and harming the United States' global competitiveness.

Legislation to Protect Free Speech Over the Airwaves Introduced:

This week, Congressman Miller co-sponsored legislation that will prohibit the reinstatement of the free speech-squashing "Fairness Doctrine'. For over thirty years, the Federal Communications Commission required broadcasters to present equitable opposing viewpoints on controversial issues of public importance. However, in 1985 the FCC rightfully determined that the "Fairness Doctrine' was no longer justified due to the diversity of voices in the marketplace. In the years since the lifting of this onerous regulation, consumer choice in radio and television programming has flourished. Recently there have been efforts by some to reinstitute the "Fairness Doctrine' to silence opinions and viewpoints they disagree with. Congressman Miller believes this runs counter to one of our most cherished constitutional guarantees -- the right to free speech. The Broadcaster Freedom Act, which was introduced in the House of Representatives on Thursday, will protect this fundamental freedom by prohibiting the FCC or any President from reinstating the Fairness Doctrine. The Congressman is proud to be an original co-sponsor of this important legislation, and will continue to work in Congress to ensure that America's time-honored tradition of freedom of speech continues unabated.

SBA Disaster Assistance Loans Available in 42nd District:

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) is providing disaster loans for homeowners, renters and businesses in the 42nd District who have sustained damage as a result of recent flooding and weather conditions. Non-farm private homeowners, renters, businesses of all sizes, and private non-profit organizations are eligible for SBA low-interest loans. The SBA has two outreach centers open in Orange County and two in San Bernardino County to assist affected constituents seeking disaster assistance. For more information on these centers, please contact the SBA Customer Service Center at (800) 659-2955, or Congressman Miller's Brea district office at (714) 257-1142.