Repeal ObamaCare


Date: Feb. 1, 2011
Location: Washington, DC

Over the last two years, our nation has suffered from the "Washington-knows-best" philosophy trumpeted by Congressional Democrats and the Obama administration. Instead of focusing on critical issues such as putting Americans back to work, President Obama and Speaker Pelosi rammed a 2,801-page government-run health care bill that has increased job-killing uncertainty in the economy. Consequently, on Election Day the American people sent a loud message to Washington that they want the Democrats' job-killing government takeover of health care repealed.

Americans are rightfully concerned about ObamaCare because it kills jobs, raises taxes, expands government control, and increases the cost of health care. Specifically, the health care law slaps Americans and small businesses with $569 billion in new taxes. Americans who already have private health insurance will have their plans taxed under the new Washington-run health care system. Those who do not have health insurance and do not want it will also be forced to pay a tax.

The largest single tax hike in the bill -- $210 billion -- results from an increase in the Medicare payroll tax on wages for job creators and small businesses, and a new surtax on net investment income. The threshold amounts for these surtaxes are not indexed for inflation, meaning that although the taxes are aimed at wealthy individuals today, they will reach increasing numbers of middle-income taxpayers over time.

Furthermore, some small businesses will be hit with a $2,000 fine for each full-time employee who is not offered insurance. These engines of job creation will be forced to downsize if they are unable to provide coverage that complies with rules set forth by a newly appointed health czar. And to make matters worse, an army of more than 16,000 IRS auditors will be hired to enforce these mandates.

In addition, the new government-run health care legislation creates 159 new government boards, bureaucracies, and programs -- including a new entitlement program -- that will impact the quality of health care for every American. These layers of bureaucratic red tape will effectively place government employees between you and your doctor.

Although Congressional Democrats and the Obama administration claim their new health care system will not increase the deficit and will lower costs, nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, the law spends $2.6 trillion over the next decade and is estimated to add $59 billion to an already staggering $1.5 trillion budget deficit, once the "doc-fix' is factored in. Also, under the Democrats' enacted legislation, health insurance premiums are estimated to actually increase by as much as 10 to 13 percent.

In the end, Americans will be left with a monstrous debt, increased taxes, fewer choices, and a bigger government. This is unacceptable.

As Republicans regained the majority in the House of Representatives last month, we will keep our pledge to voters by bringing a simple, two-page bill to repeal the job-killing health care law to the House floor for an up or down vote. In the coming weeks and months, House Republicans will work to replace ObamaCare with legislation that actually reduces costs and makes health care accessible for every American. We will accomplish this by enacting common-sense medical liability reforms, expanding state high-risk pools, and allowing individuals to buy health care coverage outside of the state in which they live.

The 112th Congress needs to address numerous issues if America is going to continue as a prosperous nation. Yet, Americans are tenacious and will overcome any obstacles we confront. House Republicans stand ready to tackle these issues and are eager to demonstrate to the American people that we heard your voice on Election Day.