Capitol Connection Newsletter

Date: Jan. 28, 2011
Location: Washington, DC
Issues: Abortion

House Votes to Reduce Spending to FY 2008 Levels:
Over the past two years, uncontrollable spending in Washington has contributed to a massive increase in federal borrowing, sending our national debt soaring to a record $14 trillion. Unfortunately, rather than consider measures to reduce this out-of-control federal spending spree, the Democrat-led 111th Congress failed to even consider a budget resolution for Fiscal Year 2011. Furthermore, not a single appropriations bill to fund the government was enacted. As a result, the federal government has continued to spend at Fiscal Year 2010's inflated level. This week, however, the Republican House Majority took an important first step to restore fiscal sanity. On Tuesday, the House passed a resolution to reduce non-security spending to Fiscal Year 2008 levels or less for the remainder of this fiscal year. While more needs to be done, the new House Majority remains committed to tackling the fiscal mess in Washington. As Congress considers further spending reductions and reforms for Fiscal Year 2012, Congressman Miller will continue to work with his colleagues to make the difficult choices needed to confront our nation's economic challenges.

President Calls for More Spending as CBO Projects Near-$1.5 Trillion Budget Deficit:
This week, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) announced that this year's budget deficit could hit $1.48 trillion, nearly ten percent of our nation's gross domestic product. Unfortunately, President Obama has failed to propose solutions that would put an end to this out-of-control deficit spending. During his State of the Union address Tuesday evening, Congressman Miller was disappointed to hear the President call for additional "stimulus" spending, despite the fact that the $814 billion "stimulus" enacted into law two years ago failed to deliver on its promise to create millions of new jobs and hold the unemployment rate under eight percent. He is also concerned about the President's proposal to freeze domestic spending at current levels for the next five years. This freeze, rather than reduce our deficit, would actually lock in the Democrat spending spree of the past two years for years to come. In fact, the CBO noted that under current law, discretionary spending between 2009 and 2011 will increase by $137 billion, one-third of which stems from funding authorized by the "stimulus" law. Congressman Miller believes that the government must learn to live within its means to avoid passing on an even larger debt to future generations of Americans.

Legislation Introduced to Ban Taxpayer Funding of Abortion:
On Monday, scores of Americans braved bitterly cold temperatures in Washington to participate in the annual March for Life, expressing their support for the protection of innocent human life. Sadly, since the Supreme Court's flawed decision in Roe v. Wade thirty-eight years ago, more than 50 million abortions have been performed in the United States. As a father and grandfather, Congressman Miller believes it is important to protect the rights of the unborn, and has consistently used his voice and vote in Congress to do so. Recently, he became an original co-sponsor of legislation to permanently prevent the use of taxpayer funds for abortion. Currently, several policies must be approved separately each year - typically as amendments to appropriations legislation - to prevent abortions at taxpayer expense. H.R. 3, the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act, would combine these measures and make them permanent. This includes the Hyde Amendment, which bans funding for elective abortion coverage through federal health programs, and the Helms Amendment, which prohibits funding for abortion as a method of family planning overseas. The bill also ensures the conscience rights of doctors, nurses and other medical providers who oppose abortion. Congressman Miller urges speedy House consideration of this important legislation to protect taxpayers and promote a culture of life in America.

Congressman Miller Invites Entries for Artistic Discovery Competition:
Congressman Miller is pleased to announce that he will once again be sponsoring the Artistic Discovery Congressional Art Competition for all high school students residing in the 42nd Congressional District. The Artistic Discovery competition is designed to provide aspiring high school students with the opportunity to have a winning artwork displayed in the U.S. Capitol for one full year. Second and third place winners will have their pieces displayed in Congressman Miller's Capitol and district offices. Students are encouraged to submit their finest original artwork to his Brea district office by Friday, April 15, 2011 for consideration. Restrictions on size, weight, and mediums apply. For more information on Artistic Discovery 2010, please contact Sarah Benoit in his Brea office at (714) 257-1142.