Pete Sessions on Two-Year Anniversary of "Stimulus" Bill Signing

Press Release

U.S. Congressman Pete Sessions today released the following statement regarding the two-year anniversary of President Barack Obama signing the economic "stimulus" bill:

"Two years after President Obama's "stimulus' became law, our nation finds itself in a spending-driven debt crisis with nearly 14 million Americans seeking employment. The Obama Administration sold the "stimulus' as a key for keeping the unemployment rate below 8 percent, yet a record 21 months of unemployment above 9 percent tells every American that the "stimulus' has clearly failed to live up to the sales pitch.

"Even after seeing firsthand the historic failure of his "stimulus' spending, President Obama continues to defy the will of the American people and call for more irresponsible government spending in his FY2012 budget. The President's budget blueprint will double our national debt in five years and add $13 trillion worth of red ink. Clearly, our nation cannot borrow and spend our way to economic prosperity. The two-year anniversary of the "stimulus' should serve as a strong reminder to the Administration that it is past time to end its reckless spending sprees.

"My Republican colleagues and I recognize that $14 trillion of national debt is unsustainable and that the American people expect more from Washington than a continued pursuit of misguided economic policies. That is why House Republicans are taking action this week to cut spending by $100 billion to inject certainty into our economy and empower our nation's job creators. I stand ready to work with Congressional Democrats and President Obama to provide real relief for American families and businesses."