Full-Year Continuing Appropriations Act, 2011

Floor Speech

Date: Feb. 17, 2011
Location: Washington, DC
Issues: Women Abortion


Mr. LANDRY. Mr. Chair, I rise today in support of the Pence amendment to prevent funds going to Planned Parenthood.

I've heard from many of my colleagues that this amendment defunds many necessary women's health services.

Let me be clear we must expand access to care for women in this country; however, abortion is not health care.

The Planned Parenthood website states, ``Our primary goal is prevention--reducing the number of unintended pregnancies, especially the alarmingly high number of teenage pregnancies, in the United States.'' Abortion is not a method of preventing unintended pregnancies; abortion takes lives that have already began.

We must not continue to support institutions that take unnecessary risks with the lives of young women and institutions that have been proven to be irresponsible with taxpayer dollars, have failed to report statutory rape, and have been caught aiding and abetting sex trafficking.

The thousands of taxpayers who do not condone the slaughter of innocent lives, many of my constituents on the coast of Louisiana, know that they deserve better than to support corrupt organizations.

I urge my colleagues to support this amendment without hesitation.