Rep. Todd Young on Health Care Law Anniversary: "Fight is Far From Over"


Date: March 23, 2011

Rep. Todd Young released the following statement today to mark the first anniversary of President Obama signing his health care package into law:

"One year ago, President Obama signed his health care package into law, despite the loud objections from a broad cross-section of Americans. Individuals worried about their right to choose where and when they get treatment, governors protested the unfunded mandates thrust upon the States, and businesses warned that burdensome regulations, taxes and penalties could cause enormous job losses."

"We were told that after the law passed and we learned what was in the bill, Americans would approve. But a year later, a cloud of uncertainty still hangs over the law, its constitutionality remains in question and Americans want the law repealed. That's why the first bill I co-sponsored was the bill to repeal this law. I'm also proud to have voted with an overwhelming majority to pass this bill out of the House in January. This fight is far from over, though, and I look forward to continue working towards repealing and replacing the law on behalf of Hoosiers in the 9th District."