Rep. Todd Young Votes to cut $6 Billion, Keep Government Open

Press Release

Rep. Todd Young released the following statement today after voting to cut an additional $6 billion in federal spending, while keeping the government running for another three weeks. The continuing resolution Young supported (H. J. Res 48) passed the House by a 271-158 margin.

"I ran for Congress because I firmly believe that Washington's spending problem and the debt it creates is the number one threat to our country. My goal since day one has been to cut spending as a way to grow the economy, not to shut down the government and hinder our ability to create an atmosphere where businesses can thrive. That's why I cast my vote today to trim another $6 billion in discretionary spending over the next three weeks, which represents the same historic cuts of $2 billion per week the House has passed in three separate continuing resolutions. While I don't believe these short term resolutions are the best way to continue conducting business, I realize that it meets the goal shared by so many Americans to cut federal spending wherever and however we can."

"I also ran for Congress because I was tired of seeing the party in power trample on the Constitution and twist House Rules to meet their own ends. Those sorts of tactics were employed to pass the government takeover of health care, and many residents of the 9th District are rightly concerned about federal funding for that program. I remain committed to fighting for the repeal and defunding of that law whenever I can, including the recently identified "slush funds' that were earmarked for its implementation. However, because those funds are provided as non-discretionary sources we could not address it in this continuing resolution without bending the House Rules to meet our own ends. We would be engaged in the same sort of underhanded tactics many of us campaigned against. Americans deserve better than that."

"I look forward to continuing the fight to repeal and defund the health care law in the near future, and I'm proud that House Republicans once again led the effort to get government spending under control by passing another responsible continuing resolution today."