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A Message from David: March 25, 2011


Dear Friend,

They certainly call it March Madness for a reason! Not only are we in an exciting NCAA basketball season that has seen an Arizona team make the Elite Eight, but Congress is seeing it's own season of madness this month.

Already, we have had many Arizonans come visit our office in DC. Joyce was in town two weeks ago to help give Capitol tours, and it has been wonderful to see so many student groups in particular.

On the policy front, we have been working at a frenzied pace to cut wasteful Washington spending and shrink the size and scope of government. Last Tuesday, I voted to cut an important $6 billion in this year's budget for the next three weeks. While these cuts are not coming fast enough, we are keeping up the pressure with a strategy to achieve what the American people sent us to Washington to do.

AZ Cong.Delegation visits US border agents

We are making as much progress as possible without the cooperation of Senate Democrats. Our friends across the aisle in the Senate have abdicated their responsibility to address this year's budget and continue to play political games instead of bringing real spending cuts and solutions to the floor.

However, the House of Representatives will continue to pass spending cut after spending cut to make good on our pledge to America to get our fiscal house in order.

This past week also marked the one year anniversary since the most egregious and over-reaching legislation in U.S. history was signed into law. Against the wishes of the American people, President Obama and Congressional Democrats enacted ObamaCare, a bill they promised would "bend the cost curve' of medical care and "create 4 million jobs--400,000 jobs almost immediately.'

Nothing could be further from the truth. ObamaCare is a job-killing government takeover of health care that empties taxpayers' pockets for over $670 billion in new taxes and counting. According to the Congressional Budget Office's latest estimates, struggling American families and small businesses are footing an increasing $1.45 trillion price tag.

You and I know there is a much better way.

That is why one of my first orders of business as your congressman was to vote to repeal ObamaCare, in H.R. 2, in its entirety. Shortly after that, the House passed funding restrictions to severely limit the president's ability to implement this job-killing legislation. And we will continue to do so.

House Republicans have pledged to replace this misguided legislation with common sense solutions that reduce costs, make health care more accessible, and will not hurt our economy by destroying jobs. Thanks to your voice in the community and the voice of the American people, this fight is not yet over.

I welcome your continued feedback about the issues that matter to you. Please contact me and the Arizona team with any comments, suggestions, or questions about policy or case work issues. It is a pleasure serving you.


David Schweikert
Member of Congress