Tom Reed Joins Colleagues in Urging Senator Harry Reid to "Pass a Bill"

Press Release

Congressman Tom Reed joined a group of House Republican Freshmen this morning to deliver a direct message to the leader of the Senate: "Pass a bill." The group signed a letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), citing his failure to pass a Continuing Resolution in the Senate to keep the government funded through the end of the current fiscal year. "You have failed to pass a budget, failed to restrain spending, and failed to put our country on sound fiscal footing," the letter to Reid said. "We do not accept your failure as our own."

The Members called upon Reid to end his opposition to the Continuing Resolution passed by the House in February, which contained $61 billion in cuts. That bill was rejected by the Senate. Congress later passed two short-term spending bills that will keep the federal government funded through April 8. "The House of Representatives is doing our job, Mr. Reid. The Senate needs to starts doing theirs," the letter concluded. "Mr. Reid, it's time to pass a bill."

"While we in the House are cutting spending to help create a better environment for job creation, the Senate hasn't passed a bill or produced a credible plan," Congressman Reed said. "We all heard them get their marching orders yesterday to root for a government shutdown. That is very troubling. The American people deserve to know what the Senate will do."

"The House has been working to pass continuing resolutions that cut spending while the Senate has been inactive," said Congressman Rick Crawford (R-Ark.). "Senator Reid has shown over the years he is able to pass bills he supports, but when it is critical, he's refusing to lead."