Reed Co-Sponsors Government Shutdown Prevention Act

Press Release

Date: April 1, 2011

Congressman Tom Reed announced this morning that he has signed on to co-sponsor HR 1255, the Government Shutdown Prevention Act.

"The House has passed a series of continuing resolutions to fund the federal government yet the Senate continues to fail to pass a bill to fund government operations for the rest of FY 2011," Reed explained. "We cannot continue operating the government in this haphazard manner and my hope is this action by the House will force the Senate to get serious about preventing a government shut down when the next CR expires on April 8. The Senate fails to demonstrate any willingness to lead on this issue."

Under HR 1255, ‎​if the Senate does not pass their own appropriations measure for the remainder of Fiscal Year 2011 by April 6, 2011, the House-passed Continuing Resolution - HR 1 - becomes law. Additionally, the bill also stipulates if there is either a government shutdown or the national debt limit is reached, Members of Congress and the President shall be prohibited from receiving any salary payments during that time period.

"For us to say that others might have to forego a paycheck but collect ours at the same time wouldn't be right," Reed said. "I am glad we have the opportunity to vote on this legislation in the House. We'll see who is here for themselves and who is here to do the right thing."

"We've already heard from Democratic senators that they are rooting for a shutdown. This bill will ensure they do not get their wish. We were sent here to reduce the size of government, not shut it down to gain political points."

This legislation passed the House today, 221-201 with Congressman Reed's support.