Issue Position: Education

Issue Position

Date: Jan. 1, 2012
Issues: Education

As a former schoolteacher, Janice Hahn understands the importance of quality education.

She is dedicated to ensuring the next generation has access to a first-rate education and the tools to drive our economy forward. Our country is strongest when our workers are trained with the knowledge and ingenuity to perform at the highest levels. Every child should have the opportunity to reach that horizon and to fulfill the American Dream.

In Congress, Janice will fight to make sure the federal government fulfills its funding commitments. Janice will support policies that empower local classroom teachers and schools principals, not politicians and bureaucrats, because educators need to be given greater authority to improve the quality of education in our schools, colleges and universities.

Janice will fight for students and families of the 36th District. She will ensure that early learning childhood programs across the district receive the funding they need to educate our young children. High school students must also receive a solid academic foundation to successfully graduate from school. Janice believes in making college affordable for everyone and she'll work to ensure that Pell Grants and other forms of financial assistance are made available to students and their families.