Janice Hahn Announces Plan to Create 25,000 Green Jobs

Press Release

Date: April 18, 2011
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Hahn Unveils Green Jobs and Peace Plan titled, "A Plan to Reinvest at Home Instead of Spending on Wars Abroad"

Seeing solutions to a lingering recession and a local unemployment rate of more than 12 percent, Los Angeles City Councilwoman Janice Hahn today announced her plan to create 25,000 green jobs.

Hahn's Green Jobs and Peace plan, titled, "A Plan to Reinvest at Home Instead of Spending on Wars Abroad," would jumpstart the local economy, promote new businesses, invest in environmentally friendly technologies, and create a new skilled labor force.

"Americans are facing their greatest economic challenge in generations. We need to invest the money we are spending on foreign wars in smart strategies to ensure that we are creating new jobs right here in America. That's why I have put this plan together," said Councilwoman Janice Hahn. "My comprehensive plan creates 25,000 green jobs by making investments in clean, alternative energy, like wind and solar, reducing our dependence on foreign oil. It also advocates for emergency low-interest loans and tax credits for small and green businesses so that they can grow and create new jobs."

The following six proposals offer an outline of Hahn's, "Plan to Reinvest at Home Instead of Spending on Wars Abroad."

1. Improve Federal Funding and Regulatory Policy for Green Energy

2. Promote "Local Energy"

3. Create a Stable Clean Energy Market

4. Invest in American Innovation

5. Build the Green Infrastructure of Tomorrow

6. Level the Playing Field with Big Oil

Hahn's plan was sent to residents in California's 36th Congressional District as a mailer early this week.