Honored for Protecting Medicare and Social Security


I was happy to accept the Guardian of Seniors' Rights Award from the folks at the 60 Plus Association this week for my work to protect Medicare and Social Security for our nation's seniors. Medicare and Social Security are two of the most important social contracts our government has with the American people. The dismantling or bankruptcy of this social safety net would be devastating. That is why I was proud to support the House Budget known as the Path to Prosperity. This plan will protect Medicare for seniors now (those 55 and older will see no change) and strengthen the program so it is still around for future generations. With 10,000 Baby Boomers retiring daily, important programs like Medicare are in serious danger if we don't make changes and improvements soon. I want to thank the folks at 60 Plus for their support, and ensure you all that I will continue to fight for the rights and protection of Kansas' seniors.