Sierra Club Endorses Janice Hahn for Congress

Press Release

Date: June 2, 2011
Location: Torrance, CA

With the primary election over, the Sierra Club today announced its support for Councilwoman Janice Hahn in her race for Congress. The group put out an urgent call for supporters to rally behind the "clear environmental choice' for the 36th District, warning that Tea Party darling and millionaire Craig Huey would seek to open up offshore drilling and roll back clean air and water protections in California.

Al Sattler of the Sierra Club's Angeles Chapter said "We thought "drill, baby, drill' was bad, but Craig Huey makes Sarah Palin sound like a moderate. He wants to slash the Environmental Protection Agency and says that the air in California is clean enough because "it's not killing us.'"

In sharp contrast, Janice Hahn's efforts to green the Port of Los Angeles led to an 80% reduction in diesel smoke emissions in the Harbor Area and helped to create a new clean energy industry in the South Bay. Hahn wants to continue that work in Congress and proposes a plan to create 25,000 green jobs by investing in local small businesses that specialize in clean and renewable energy technologies.

Sattler continued, "Janice is a champion of the environment and a true believer in green jobs as a way to stimulate the economy. We urge our friends and supporters to help elect Janice Hahn to Congress."

Hahn says we can reduce our nation's dependence on foreign oil by improving federal investment and policy for green energy, promoting "local energy,' and leveling the playing field with big oil. She believes that our country is at a crossroads on energy policy.

"President Obama called this our "Sputnik' moment on renewable energy," said Hahn, "and I couldn't agree more. This is a time for us to rise to the challenge and end our dependence on fossil fuels. The Sierra Club understands how important that is for our nation's future, and I am proud to have their support."

Then Sierra Club is the nation's largest grassroots environmentalist organization.