Issue Position: Environment - Global Climate Change

Issue Position

Date: Jan. 1, 2012

Global climate change is one of the greatest threats facing humanity. Janice believes that climate change is the result of human activity, and that we have to take responsibility for the problem, and do what we can to avert the worst effects. Just as human beings are the cause, changes in human behavior can be part of the solution.

California and other states have been leaders in developing innovative policies--often ahead of the federal government. Janice understands that we should not inhibit technical innovation that can provide economically viable solutions to reduce our greenhouse gas footprint. Nor should we inhibit policy innovations that seek to thwart climate change. Janice believes that we must encourage new policies, learn from them, and promote best practices to the national and international realm.

When Janice goes to Congress she will fight for the federal government to adopt the AB32 targets, and she will work with her colleagues from the west coast and New England to secure support for climate legislation. Janice also wants to meet with Representatives from mid-western and southern states -- in an effort to help them find ways to use local resources to meet greenhouse gas reduction targets.

Thankfully, California is moving ahead with AB32; and Los Angeles' utility will be off coal by 2020, if not sooner. As a Councilwoman, Janice has been a steadfast supported of LADWP's transition to clean energy, and she has pledged to work to achieve an aggressive national Renewable Portfolio Standard that will complement what we're trying to accomplish here in California.