Congressman Renacci puts White House on Notice over Libya


Date: June 3, 2011
Location: Washington DC
Issues: Foreign Affairs

Today, Congressman Jim Renacci (OH-16) voted in support of a resolution giving the White House 14 days to make a clear and compelling case to Congress justifying the presence of U.S. armed forces in Libya. If the President fails to comply with the resolution within the time frame set forth, Congressman Renacci will then support a resolution calling for the immediate withdrawal of U.S. forces from Libya.

"In the more than two months that U.S. troops have been committed to a mission in Libya, President Obama has failed to make a case to Congress which explains the scope and purpose of our mission there," Congressman Renacci said. "The resolution I supported today was intended to put President Obama on notice that neither the Congress nor the American people will give him a blank check to put our troops in harm's way, and that he must present Congress and the country with a compelling case for sustained military operations in Libya. If he fails to do so within 14 days, I will support a resolution calling for the immediate withdrawal of U.S. forces from Libya."

Congressman Renacci also voted against a resolution today that would have directed President Obama to remove the United States Armed Forces from Libya within 15 days, pursuant to section 5(c) of the War Powers Resolution. He opposed the resolution because it did not provide for any specified time period during which the Administration could present a justification for our operations there.