Issue Position: Health Care

Issue Position

Date: Jan. 1, 2011

I believe that health care needs to be accessible and affordable for all Americans. I also believe that people should be able to receive the best health care available, and that people, with the guidance of their doctors, are able to make the best health care decisions for themselves and for their families.

I opposed the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the new health care law, when it was first introduced. There are provisions within the law that I do support, including closing the Medicare Part D "donut hole," allowing young adults to stay on their parents' health coverage until age 26, and making it illegal for insurance companies to discriminate against people with preexisting conditions. That being said, I also believe that there are provisions that must be amended -- I support reinstating funding for various parts of Medicare that have been cut. I have already supported legislation to amend the law, such as H.R. 4, the Comprehensive 1099 Taxpayer Protection and Repayment of Exchange Subsidy Overpayments Act of 2011, which repeals the 1099 provision in the health care reform law which put an undue paperwork burden on small businesses. Similarly, I will look at all proposals, whether they are Republican or Democratic, that will make a positive impact on our health care system.

I also support changing Medicare laws so that reimbursements for our western Pennsylvania hospitals are fairer, and so that doctors are able to continue seeing Medicare and TRICARE patients.