Issue Position: Education

Issue Position

It is my belief that education is the duty of each individual state. Only when the local and state government cannot handle issues, should the federal government step in to take control. By ensuring local control of our education system, we are placing our children's progress in the hands of those who are best suited to make decisions.

As I visit the schools in Georgia's 3rd district, parents, teachers, and administrators continue to stress their concern for education reform. This reform will not come as a result of increased federal involvement and more red tape, but by local and community involvement. Our teachers' success should be judged by their students' achievements and not by their adherence to strict policies.

I will work hard to improve our nations' education system and make sure that every child is afforded an opportunity to pursue the American dream. However, it should be the input of the parents, local teachers, principals and school administration that determine the wants and needs of our school system. It is, after all, these individuals who are working with our children on a daily basis and have the true influence.

School choice is a very important part of my plan to bring education back to Georgia. I realize that forcing children to attend a failing school is not helping our current education system in any way. Parents should be able to choose the school they want their child to attend. The federal government should merely enable localities to work to improve each school to sway those parents' decisions. As a parent and a grandparent, nothing is more important to me than seeing our future generations succeed.