Fincher To Support Speaker Boehner's Budget Plan


Date: July 28, 2011
Location: Washington, DC

Today, U.S. Representative Stephen Fincher (R-Frog Jump) announced his support for the Budget Control Act of 2011. The bill, to be voted on in the House of Representatives this evening, includes $22 billion in deficit reduction in the first year and would include spending cuts that exceed the debt limit hike. Upon announcing his support, Congressman Fincher issued the following statement:

"President Obama is willing to engage in a dangerous game of chicken with America's economy and future. Instead of putting fourth his own plan to prevent sending our nation into economic turmoil, President Obama chose to lead from behind and serve as "criticizer in chief' on Republican solutions.

"I have spent a great deal of time listening to my constituents about their concerns over the skyrocketing debt. We can all agree that the government has spent our nation into an unacceptable level of debt and we need bold action to change course. Our nation is standing at the edge of economic disaster and we need real leadership to move America in the right direction. Speaker Boehner's budget plan contains major spending cuts, while averting economic catastrophe, and I am proud to stand in support of this bill.

"The Budget Control Act of 2011 will make significant spending cuts greater than the size of the debt ceiling increase without raising taxes on hardworking Americans, and guarantees a vote on the Balanced Budget Amendment. This bill is by no means perfect, but its historic cuts will continue to lead our country down the road to recovery, while avoiding a dangerous default. We did not get into this mess overnight and it will take us a long time to get out -- the Boehner Plan is a suitable first step to change the course of the out-of-control federal spending in this country, and take control of our future.

"The House Republicans have now passed three pieces of legislation in an effort to secure the fiscal future of our country -- President Obama and Senator Reid should immediately follow suit and support the Boehner Plan."