Issue Position: Natural Resources and Energy

Issue Position

Date: Jan. 1, 2015

I support policies to increase energy production in Idaho and make greater use of our natural resources. Right now, the federal government is blocking development of Idaho's resources, depriving us one of the best ways to bolster our economy and create jobs. We need to empower Idaho's communities and get government out of the way. As a member of the House Natural Resources Committee, I am fighting hard to pass legislation to do exactly that.

During this session of Congress, I have introduced several bills to put our people and our land back to work. These include the Idaho Land Sovereignty Act, the Self-Sufficient Community Lands Act, and the Grazing Improvement Act.

When it comes to energy, Idaho is well-positioned to be a leader in supplying America's energy needs. We are best known for our vast network of emission-free hydroelectric plants, but we also have extensive geothermal resources, abundant carbon-neutral biomass, and growing wind and solar industries. We also have one of the leading research facilities for another form of clean energy - nuclear power - with the Idaho National Laboratory. These energy sources make Idaho a clean energy leader, and we should strengthen that leadership by spurring more research and production in the private sector.

I will continue to fight for legislation that removes federal roadblocks into energy development, in Idaho and across America. Affordable energy is critical to our economy, and making it more available should be one of our top priorities.