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Issue Position: Education

Issue Position

Issues: Education

Most people understand the importance of education to their lives, but unfortunately, not everyone has the same educational opportunities. Government can have an important role to play in improving education for all citizens. Sometimes the real question is who is in the best position to determine what improvements are to be made and how they'll be implemented?

There are many who believe that the federal government should be more involved in determining what happens in our nation's schools. I disagree. While the federal government can certainly play a role in funding educational opportunities for students and determining national priorities, it shouldn't be involved in determining a day-to-day classroom curriculum or where a local community spends it educational dollars.

I firmly believe that parents and local and state officials are in the best position to determine what is needed in their school system. Washington D.C. is hundreds of miles in distance from Illinois and light years away in terms of understanding the area's educational needs. Why would we want some federal department in Washington determining our educational agenda?

The answer is we don't.

While educational reform is needed, it needs to begin at the local and state level. Schools need qualified teachers in the classroom. They need the financial resources for computers and other teaching aids that will be critical to our children's development. I'm committed to doing my part in Washington to provide the necessary support while protecting the rights of local communities and leaders in determining their educational future.