Dingell Commends President Obama's Jobs Plan


"I appreciate President Obama speaking straightforwardly to the American people tonight. Our nation's jobs crisis is a national emergency. Things look grim, and American families are scared and frustrated about our economy's continuing trouble creating jobs. Leaders in Washington have spent too much time playing political games. It is high time we work for job creation and economic growth that will get America moving forward again. President Obama's initiatives are strong; he pointed out proposals that can create jobs now and begin to fortify the economy, while also keeping his word to bring to Congress proposals that will help the United States out-innovate, out-educate, and out-build our competitors abroad.

"The President's jobs plan outlined bold measures to revitalize our stifled economic landscape and create jobs. He laid out $300 billion worth of tax credits, job training for the unemployed, school renovation projects and programs to retain local teachers, policemen, and firefighters. Job training, education, and support services for our young adults will prepare them to compete in a globalized job market, while also preparing them to be lasting contributors who can change our country's innovative and manufacturing future for the better.

"In addition to investing in people, the President's plan also recognizes the need to invest in our country's infrastructure. Infrastructure projects are sound and proven economic generators: for every $1 spent on infrastructure, $1.44 is returned to our economy. These projects will create jobs building American roads and transit, bridges, schools, hospitals, airports, railways, ports, broadband, and power grids.

"The President recognizes that now is the time for great efforts to reduce our national unemployment rate of 9.1 % and Michigan's rate of 10.9%. In so doing we must keep our nation's priorities in mind--jobs, education, innovation, and infrastructure. We need to make tough choices, and remember that true success will come only with shared sacrifice. We all must work together to protect our beloved country, and I believe we must do better and we can successful.

"I commend the President's call to turn the page and focus on the real problems facing Americans, namely jobs. Nothing should be more important than creating jobs in America. This must be policy makers' number one priority, and I call on all colleagues in the House to put aside hollow and cynical and ideology, work together and bring to the floor bipartisan legislative proposals that will put back Americans to work.

"This is not going to be an easy task, but I am fully committed to doing everything I can to support the President's goal of to helping Americans find employment and ensuring the long-term financial security of their families."