Johnson Statement on Obama 'Jobs Bill' Vote


Date: Oct. 12, 2011
Location: Washington, DC

Senator Johnson released the following statement:

"The President took office during tough economic conditions, but his policies have taken us 180 degrees in the wrong direction. His "jobs' bill offers more of the same tried -- and failed -- policies. These proposals will not strengthen our economy. That's why even a number of Senate Democrats opposed the bill.

"Going further into debt to expand government won't solve the problem. We have already seen that clearly. Economic expansion has to come from the private sector.

"Republicans and Democrats need to work together on a real pro-growth agenda that promotes long term, self-sustaining private sector jobs. I've introduced a moratorium on new, job destroying regulations, until our unemployment rate falls back below 7.8 percent. We should also enact tax reform that simplifies the code and lowers rates, a federal hiring freeze, budgetary reform, and a Sunset Committee that will actually begin to eliminate harmful laws and regulations.

"The sooner we stop growing government, the sooner real growth and job creation will return to the private sector."