Issue Position: Controlling Illegal Immigration

Issue Position

Date: Jan. 1, 2011
Issues: Immigration

The laws of the nation concerning immigration MUST be enforced. America is a nation of immigrants. Having immigration is NOT the issue. Immigration into our nation must be legal. What does it say when the first act a person takes when coming to America is illegal; that coming here in such a way is a clear violation of our laws? How can we be a nation of laws that respects the laws and stand by while those very requirements to enter this land legally are thrown to the wind? The answer is simple. We must enforce our immigrations laws.

The Federal government is NOT doing its job. But the State must step up and do what it can. That's why I have supported laws that would crack down on illegal immigration in Virginia, including denying your tax dollars in the form of "benefits" to illegal aliens. Sadly, there are some in government who have opposed rational enforcement of immigration laws. I will continue to support efforts to

* Deny in state tuition for illegal aliens;
* Punish employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens by denying them state contracts;
* Punish people who produce false identification to foster the activities of illegal aliens;
* Prohibit the issuance of a business license to any individual who cannot provide legal documents proving such individual is legally eligible to be employed or to work in the United States.

Either we will be a land of laws or a land of anarchy. There is no in-between on this issue. We must enforce the law.