Supporting Life-Affirming Health Care, Landry Praises Passage of the Protect Life Act


Date: Oct. 13, 2011
Location: Washington, DC

Supporting the unborn and continuing his fight against Obamacare, Congressman Jeff Landry (R, LA-03) praised the House passage of his co-sponsored H.R. 358 -- the Protect Life Act.

"I am proud that today the House voted in support of life," exclaimed Landry. "In a bi-partisan manner, we respected the will of the American people and voted to prohibit the federal funding of abortions and abortion coverage under Obamacare."

"The American people do not want their hard-earned tax dollars used to pay for abortions," explained Landry. "The Protect Life Act guarantees that no tax subsidies from Obamacare can cover elective abortions and prevents the government from mandating abortion coverage."

Congressman Joe Pitts (R, PA-16), the author of the Protect Life Act, thanked Landry for his efforts to get the bill passed: "I'd like to thank Congressman Landry for his outspoken support and co-sponsorship. Strong support from many Members, like Congressman Landry, helped us bring it to the House floor today."

Landry, who has been one of the House's leaders for life, concluded: "I thank Congressman Pitts and the other champions for the unborn who joined me in sponsoring this great pro-life bill. I have been and remain committed to doing all I can to save the unborn, foster life-protecting policies, and prevent tax dollars from paying for abortions."