Congressman Tierney Launches Small Business Resource Section Online

Press Release

Congressman John Tierney today launched a new section on his website to further support small businesses in our area. During business visits in Wakefield, Saugus, and Burlington this week, Congressman Tierney will continue to reach out to small business owners to hear their opinions on what can be done to help grow local businesses and create jobs.

"Small businesses are the backbone of our local economy," Congressman Tierney said. "It is imperative that we fight to ensure that small businesses have the resources, capital and support they need to succeed and prosper. I continue to look to small businesses owners in our community to share with me their ideas and thoughts on how we can better improve our economy and get more Americans back to work."

Last week, Democrats in Congress, including the 16 Ranking Members of House Committees, offered recommendations to the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction (JSC), highlighting the balanced approach Americans are demanding. The recommendations focused on a deficit reduction plan that is a fair mixture of growth, savings, and revenues, with those at the top contributing their fair share. Additionally, lawmakers made clear that economic growth must be an integral component of any JSC proposal, including the creation and expansion of small businesses, which serve as the main generator of jobs.

To find more information on resources for small businesses, visit Congressman Tierney's website at