Hahn Votes No On Afghan War Spending


Date: Dec. 16, 2011
Location: Washington, DC

This afternoon Congresswoman Janice Hahn (CA-36) voted no on H.R. 2055, the "Consolidated Appropriations Act," which would provide funding for federal programs for fiscal year 2012.

"I voted no because this bill continues to fund the war in Afghanistan," said Hahn. "I firmly believe that it is time we bring our troops home. If we end this war now we will be able to invest more here at home to create jobs and rebuild our economy."

"This was not the only reason I could not support the bill," Hahn continued. "The legislation would also have a profound effect on women's ability to access abortion in the District of Columbia. Protecting access to abortion is a critical issue for me and I don't believe Congress should be dictating to DC or anyone else what health options should be available to women."

"I also don't agree that the option to bring detainees to trial in the United States should be prohibited. If we are ever going to close Guantanamo this option should be available to the President. And I believe it is a penny wise and a pound foolish to prevent the DOE from putting in place policy that will save taxpayers money and protect the environment."

While providing more than $1 trillion dollars for government operations, the spending bill continues funding for the war in Afghanistan, bans the use of locally collected District of Columbia tax dollars for reproductive health services for women, prohibits funds for the transfer of detainees from Guantanamo for trial in the United States and stops the Department of Energy from implementing new energy efficiency standards that will protect the environment and save the taxpayer money each year.