Terry Statement on the Passage of the Republican House Budget


Congressman Lee Terry (R-NE) today released the following statement on the deficit-cutting $3.5 trillion 2013 budget that the House of Representatives passed this afternoon. The budget decreases funding allocated to most government programs, while strengthening and preserving Medicare, and denying President Obama's call to raise taxes. The budget passed the House by a vote of 228 to 191.

"America is facing a debt and deficit crisis, and the budget passed by the House today proves that House Republicans will make the tough decisions necessary to get us back on fiscal track.

"Years of unrestrained spending have resulted in an American debt that is 102 percent of American Gross Domestic Product, and this debt has grown by more than $5 trillion since President Obama took office. This situation is unacceptable. American families determine what they can and can't afford -- and the federal government needs to do the same. Using Uncle Sam's credit card to purchase everything the government wants is irresponsible financial policy. We need to get responsible now, because handing a lifetime of debt to our children is simply not an option.

"The budget that House Republicans have passed establishes national priorities, and funds them accordingly. It enacts entitlement reform to Medicare and Social Security that gives individuals more control over their retirement options and preserves those programs for future generations. It also sustains defense spending, and alters the tax code to be more effective and fair. It is my hope that the president and the Senate will put aside their party politics, and join House Republicans to advance this budget and do what is right for the American people," Terry said.