Capps Statement on Two Year Anniversary of the Health Insurance Reform Law


Date: March 23, 2012
Location: Washington, DC

To mark the new health insurance reform law's two year anniversary, Congresswoman Lois Capps (CA-23) released the following statement. Throughout the week, she has highlighted how the Affordable Care Act has benefitted seniors, women, young people, and small businesses in California's 23rd Congressional District, as well as improved public health. Capps also shared the story of the Strong family from Santa Barbara, and how they have benefitted from the elimination of lifetime caps on insurance coverage, as well as stories from young people who now have insurance because they've been allowed to stay on their parents' plan. More information on the benefits of the new law for residents of the 23rd Congressional District can be found here.

The health insurance reform law is already benefitting families, seniors, young people, and small businesses up and down the Central Coast and across the country. We passed the Affordable Care Act only two years ago, but already we're seeing how it is making improvements in people's lives. For example, the law means nearly 10,000 Central Coast young adults now have health insurance, over 40,000 women now have access preventive services like cancer screenings without burdensome co-pays, and thousands of seniors have saved hundreds of dollars on their prescription medications. This is just the start and as more reforms are brought on line, more and more of our Central Coast residents and small businesses will benefit."