Lower Taxes = Job Creation


With Tax Day around the corner, we start to look at how much money is being taken out of our paychecks each month to pay for government spending. It reminds us that government programs and regulations are not free, but are paid for by your efforts and hard work. Every day you go to work, a little sliver of your paycheck goes to paying for government programs and regulations.

I think you are paying too much, and it is hindering our economy and suppressing job growth. But many liberals in Washington think differently and are talking about increasing taxes to pay for more government programs and regulations.

I believe we must get the facts straight. Raising taxes takes money out of the private sector to feed bloated government bureaucracies and allows for inefficient wasteful government programs.

We all know that government is not the answer to getting our economy moving - you are the answer. We also know with low taxes, more money is in your hands, and you are the most efficient at spending and investing your money.

To get our economy moving and create jobs, I signed a letter to the Select Committee on Deficit Reduction urging them not to raise taxes. In addition, the U.S. House of Representatives will vote next week on H.R. 9, the Small Business Tax Cut Act, which will impose a 20% tax break for small businesses so that we can put money in the hands of the real job creators: small businesses. When small businesses are projecting job growth, they hire more employees. This bill will give them the certainty they need to run their business, invest capital, grow and create more jobs.

The bottom line, too much of our hard-earned money goes to feed poorly run, wasteful government programs. We need to lower the deficit, borrow less, stick to a budget like every other American family, and not go back to the well when the money runs out. Adding additional taxes only adds an additional obstacle to creating a thriving America. We must get Washington out of the way and allow small businesses to thrive and create jobs.