Issue Position: Affordable Care Act

Issue Position

By: Sam Farr
By: Sam Farr
Date: Jan. 1, 2012

The best place to learn all about this new health care law and how it affects you is to go to This is the government website that not only lays out the law, but will help you find insurance plans in your area that fit your needs. Check it out!

Among the information you'll find on this website are those portions of the law that have already taken effect. For example, did you know you that now even if you have a pre-existing condition that would otherwise disqualify you for insurance coverage, that there is a plan that will? will help you find options. Or, did you know that children up to their 26th birthday can be kept on their parents' insurance policies? Or, did you know that health insurance companies can no longer rescind your coverage? All these are part of the new law -- and already in effect. will explain more about the many provisions of the law that are already on the books and working for you.