Garrett Marks 2012 Tax Day


Date: April 17, 2012
Location: Washington, DC

Rep. Scott Garrett (R-NJ), issued the following statement today to mark 2012 Tax Day:

"As Americans across the country file their tax returns today, we are reminded of the failures of the Obama economy as we see more and more of our hard-earned money sent to the black hole of Washington, DC with nothing to show for it but more debt and deficits. In the past three years, we've seen an unprecedented amount of runaway spending that has done nothing advance our recovery or help lift Americans out of unemployment. As struggling families make the tough choices every day to stretch their budget, President Obama and Senate Democrats think they deserve more of your money to double down on the same failed policies of the past three years.

"President Obama continues to ignore the real problems facing our country, choosing instead to hit the campaign trail to push for higher taxes that will do nothing to address our debt crisis, but will do plenty to hurt our economy and stifle job creation. President Obama's so-called "Buffett Rule' is bad policy wrapped up in divisive politics, mixed in with a healthy portion of class warfare. Rather than advancing partisan and unserious tax policies, President Obama and Senate Democrats should join House Republicans to work with us on tax policies that will help small business job creators.

"House Republicans this week will vote on legislation to lower taxes by providing a 20% tax deduction to small business owners struggling to survive in the Obama economy. With cash-strapped small businesses currently facing federal tax rates as high as 35%, our 20% tax deduction will give America's small business entrepreneurs the financial resources they need to retain and create American jobs. I urge the president and congressional Democrats to abandon their strategy of envy and division and work with us to give small businesses the tools they need to put Americans back to work."