Issue Position: Seniors

Issue Position

Protecting Social Security and Medicare

As the daughter of elderly parents and the only female physician who is a Member of Congress, I know how important Social Security and Medicare are in the lives of our seniors. Medicare in particular is in danger of going bankrupt in just a few years. As a member of the Congressional Doctors' Caucus, I am helping to make common-sense improvements to sustain Medicare benefits and assure continued access to good health care.

When I was honored with selection as one of the negotiators on the Joint House-Senate Conference Committee I worked successfully with Members of Congress and Senators from both sides of the aisle to prevent steep cuts in Medicare reimbursement rates. I am committed to taking a positive, constructive approach to solving the challenges we face, so that we can make both Medicare and Social Security sound for seniors today as well as for those who will rely on these crucial programs in the future.