Brooks to McIntosh: "Voters Deserve the Truth"

Press Release

Date: May 2, 2012

Susan Brooks, Republican candidate for the 5th District Congressional seat, today urged David McIntosh to drop his pattern of dishonesty to voters in his quest to return to Congress.

"This is not about abortion or federal spending, as my position on both is crystal clear," said Brooks. "I am pro life and am dedicated to reducing federal spending and taxes. This is about his continued dishonesty."

"For the last four years, while I was here in Indiana focused on Hoosier jobs, David McIntosh worked as a Washington lobbyist, including for a bank that received a bailout that he claims to oppose," said Brooks.

"He has deceived voters about where he lives, where he works, where he pays taxes. He won't tell the truth about anything. And this ad is more evidence of that. These attacks should come as no surprise from a dishonest Washington insider under investigation for voter fraud and perjury," added Brooks, who is a former federal prosecutor.

According to the Kokomo Perspective this week, "McIntosh is the poster boy for all that is wrong in Washington D.C."

"In this race, conservative Hoosiers do have a choice. A proven conservative leader with no questions about her integrity who will put Hoosiers first, or a candidate whose own conduct shows he is willing to say or do anything to return to Congress."