I Will Always Stand Up for West Virginia and Common Sense


I love our great state, and I have been so fortunate and honored to serve the people of West Virginia.

Whether it was as your Governor or now as your United States Senator, I have always stood up for West Virginia, our families and common sense. And I have worked very hard to bring Democrats and Republicans together so we can put our country first and do what is right for the next generation.

In that spirit, I have worked with Democrats and Republicans on bipartisan policies to rebuild America by putting Americans back to work, rein in the EPA, protect our veterans, make our nation energy independent, create a fair tax code and address the serious threat that our exploding deficit and debt pose to the next generation.

As West Virginians know, I will stand up against anyone whose policies will hurt our state, our families and our future. It is why I am proud to have stopped the cap-and-trade bill, which would have hurt so many families and businesses in our state. And I will continue to stand up to protect Social Security and fight against unfair trade agreements that will continue to destroy hundreds of thousands of American jobs and send those jobs to other countries.

Make no mistake, our nation faces big economic and social challenges. Neither Democrats nor Republicans can fix our problems by themselves. As we did in West Virginia, to improve our future we must work together on commonsense policies that put America first.

For these incredibly important reasons -- and for so many more -- I am seeking re-election as your United States Senator to continue to serve the good people of West Virginia. And I will work hard to continue to earn your support and confidence.

--Joe Manchin