Blog: The Ultimate War on Women


Date: May 31, 2012
Issues: Women Abortion

We hear stories about sex-selective abortions based on gender in countries like China and India, but we all assume that cannot possibly be happening in our country. Unfortunately, researchers at Columbia University and the University of Texas have found evidence that, within certain communities, female babies are being aborted based solely on their sex. On top of that, a recent undercover video taken at a Planned Parenthood in Texas shows an employee there encouraging a woman to get a late-term abortion because she was carrying a girl and wanted a boy. After explaining to the woman how to fraudulently get Medicaid so she can have an ultrasound to determine if the baby is a female and counseling her on how to get an abortion, she sends the woman off saying, "Good luck, and I hope that you do get your boy."

I strongly oppose the practice of abortions and have consistently fought to outlaw abortions, but the practice of aborting children based solely on their sex is particularly disgusting. For that reason, I supported H.R. 3541, the Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act (PRENDA), which would fine doctors who perform abortions for women based solely on the gender of the unborn child.

President Obama and Congressional Democrats have made it a habit to do everything they can to trample your religious freedom and promote their pro-choice agenda. But I was shocked yesterday to hear so many Democrats in the House speak out PRENDA on the House floor during debate. Much of what they charged against the bill was completely inaccurate -- including Rep. Jim McDermott claiming the bill would require criminal charges against the woman receiving the abortion. But it was the multiple statements that this bill was a war on women that shocked me the most.

Seriously? Ensuring that female babies aren't aborted because they are females is a "war on women."? If you ask me, aborting a baby simply because she's a female is the ultimate war on women. And a large majority of Americans -- including American women -- agree with me. A recent poll shows that 77 percent of Americans and 80 percent of American women support legislation banning abortions performed solely because the child is female.

H.R. 3541 provides the most important protection against discrimination for women -- it protects them from being murdered simply because of their gender. That's why I supported H.R. 3541. Unfortunately, it failed to garner the necessary 2/3 majority support when it was brought up under suspension today. I strongly encourage House leadership to bring this bill up under a rule as soon as possible.