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Fox News "The O'Reilly Factor" - Transcript


Date: June 1, 2012

BILL O'REILLY, HOST: "Unresolved Problem" segment tonight. Many Republicans believe the Democratic Party wants to buy votes by promising people entitlements, free stuff. One of those believers is Congressman Joe Walsh.


REP. JOE WALSH (R), ILLINOIS: We have so many people now dependent upon government. So many people want handouts. The Democratic Party promises groups of people everything. They want the Hispanic vote. They want Hispanics to be dependent upon government just like they got African- Americans dependent upon government. That's their game.

Jesse Jackson would be out of work if they weren't dependent upon government. There would be no work for him.


O'REILLY: The Congressman joins us now from Chicago.

So some might say that you are over generalizing about Hispanics and blacks, and you would say?

WALSH: Well, the answer was the Democratic Party, Bill, wants everybody dependent upon government. They are the party of government. I mean, it makes sense. If you are dependent upon government more and more for your livelihood and your benefits, you'll continue to vote for that party of government.


O'REILLY: Do you think -- do you -- and this is a question I just asked the two ladies before you.


O'REILLY: Do you think that the Democratic leadership and that includes President Obama, of course, they meet and they say, you know what? We have to buy votes. Because that's what it is. We have to buy them, all right.

So, what we're going to do is target Hispanic Americans and we're going to do this program. And we are going to target African-Americans and we're going to do that program. And maybe some Lithuanian Americans and so on and so forth. Do you really think that they... they sit there and that they... they state it that way. That clearly?

WALSH: Yes, yes. I bet they do state it that explicitly. Bill, look what the President has been doing. His entire last six to seven months has been running around from interest group to interest group promising things -- contraception, war on women; student loans, going after the youth vote. This is what they do.
And I -- I think they look at it as buying votes. And I also think they look at it as, look, they believe in big government. That's a legitimate point of view. It's not one I share. But once they have you hooked on government, you are going to keep voting for them. And -- and we're at a scary point right now, Bill because, look, we've got half this country that's not paying federal income taxes. We've got the highest rate of government dependency we've had since the end of World War II. We are about to fall off a fiscal cliff. We can't support all of this.

O'REILLY: All right now, is it insulting though to African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans and both constituencies the Republicans could use some crossover votes particularly in the Hispanic precincts, ok?


O'REILLY: Is it insulting for you and other Republicans to say, hey, you know, you guys are just not smart enough to realize what the Democrats are doing.


O'REILLY: No it's not insulting to them?

WALSH: You know what Bill, you know what it is? It's a shot at the Democratic Party. I tried to be insulting toward them and it's a challenge.

O'REILLY: But you insulted Jesse Jackson and you insulted basically that kind of left-wing African-American leadership.

WALSH: Well, it's easy to insult that kind of left-wing African- American leadership because they're complicit in this thing. Jesse Jackson does want blacks dependent upon government. Jesse Jackson doesn't want blacks to have opportunity. Look I've spend lot of years --


O'REILLY: How do you know that though? You are both from Chicago. You know, Jesse Jackson if he were here would say you're crazy. What I want is opportunity and a hand-up for people --


WALSH: Yes, baloney. Baloney.

O'REILLY: -- who don't have the same advantage as Joe Walsh had or Bill O'Reilly had.

WALSH: Baloney Bill. The best way to give a hand-up to inner city African-American parents is to give them school choice. Give an African- American or a Hispanic parent the ability to send their child to any school in the city of Chicago. Jesse Jackson stands in the way of that. He wants to imprison poor black kids in under performing schools.

O'REILLY: So -- so let me ok, all right, so obviously you and Jesse Jackson disagree on how to make things better for African-Americans. And I tend to agree with you, all right? I -- you know I --



O'REILLY: -- as a former teacher I think school choice would be much more beneficial to --


WALSH: Absolutely.

O'REILLY: And not just African-Americans but all poor people.

WALSH: Everybody.

O'REILLY: However, you are making a serious accusation against Jackson by saying that Jackson is not well-intentioned. That he wants to keep his people in a virtual slavery to the federal government. That's what he wants and that's a tough accusation to make.

WALSH: Yes well, I know. I think he is a race hustler just like Al Sharpton is. I mean, Bill, think about this. The Trayvon Martin case, Jesse Jackson was quoted as saying "Blacks are under attack because of Trayvon Martin". You know like I know that 153 young African-American men are killed every week in this country, 94 percent of them are killed by other young African-American men.

We had 40 shootings in this city over Memorial Day weekend. 10 people killed. Black on black crime. Where was Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton? Nowhere to be found. They are invested in people thinking there is racism. And without racism, Jesse Jackson couldn't exist.

O'REILLY: All right, Congressman, we appreciate you coming on. Thanks very much, very provocative.

WALSH: Thanks, Bill.