Wtrf.com - Rep. McKinley Responds to RG Steel Bankruptcy Filing

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By Unknown

Rep. David B. McKinley, P.E. (R-W.Va.) issued the following statement in regards to RG Steel filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Thursday:

"This news is yet another reminder of the challenges facing our manufacturing industry, both in the Ohio Valley and across America. While some claim our economy is turning the corner out of the recession, try telling that to the thousands of steelworkers worrying about how to provide for their families. This area once employed more than 30,000 hard working steel workers; sadly we now have around 1,000. This is purely unacceptable."

"American manufacturers contend every day with problems ranging from unfair foreign competition to burdensome EPA regulations. I will continue my fight on behalf of manufacturing workers to protect these jobs."

"Today's announcement came as a surprise to our office. If RG Steel had additional concerns or was in a financial crisis that should have been communicated to the right Congressional leaders to save these thousands of jobs. My thoughts are with the hardworking men and women in the steel industry whose livelihoods have been put in limbo."

"I have been engaged with this issue all along. Whether it's the illegal dumping of steel and tin into the U.S. or the Chinese manipulating our markets, we have been at the forefront fighting these matters in Washington. From being a member of the Steel Caucus, to communicating our concerns to the International Trade Commission and the World Trade Organization, to passing legislation that will stop our foreign competitors from harming our U.S. manufacturing base, we have been and continue to be active in this ongoing fight."