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Issue Position: National Defense and Foreign Policy

Issue Position

Date: Jan. 1, 2012
Issues: Defense Trade

My experience as a military officer gives me a unique voice in discussions of foreign policy and war.

I believe that Congress has an important role in formulating and executing foreign policy. Congress has nearly abdicated its foreign policy role at many points over the last decade, and as a Member of Congress I will work to reverse that trend. As a combat Veteran, I will work to ensure that the next time our country considers going to war again that my colleagues understand the true cost of that decision. Further, having worked at Rotary International, I know the value of international not for profits, diplomacy and foreign aid. As the only global superpower we also have a responsibility to lead in issues of human rights, public health, the environment and diplomacy.

Our nation is falling behind in economic competitiveness. We must invest in our own economy while continuing to trade internationally. Congress can play a more active role in trade negotiations, demanding that labor and environmental standards be upheld and that workers from all sides have a seat at the negotiating table. I believe in fair trade.

The US should work as part of an international effort to stop any nations from developing nuclear weapons. Economic and diplomatic sanctions should be the first line of defense in preventing nuclear aggression and while I prefer to avoid military action, all options must remain on the table.