Westmoreland Votes Once Again to Repeal Job-Killing ObamaCare Law

Press Release

Date: July 11, 2012
Location: Washington, DC

The House of Representatives has voted once again to fully repeal the Affordable Care Act, commonly referred to as ObamaCare. The legislation, H.R. 6079 the Repeal of ObamaCare Act, passed with bipartisan support. Congressman Westmoreland was a cosponsor of the bill and has been a vocal advocate for fully repealing the law.

"This is a horrible law that we cannot afford and that the majority of the American people don't want, plain and simple," stated Westmoreland. "We can all agree that we need some targeted reforms to our health care system. But that doesn't mean we need a trillion dollar government takeover of our health care system. I mean, when you get a flat tire, you don't junk the whole car and buy a new one. You fix the tire. I'm glad to see the House joined together in a bipartisan effort to repeal this job-killing law. Even though Senate Majority Leader Reid has refused to hold the same vote in the Senate, I hope the action by the House today keeps us on a path to fully repeal ObamaCare."

Last month in a landmark decision, the Supreme Court upheld the individual mandate within ObamaCare, saying Congress has the constitutional authority to enforce it under their power to tax. While Congressman Westmoreland disagrees that the mandate is constitutional, he absolutely agrees that it's a tax. In fact, he's been calling it a tax from day one.

"When Congress was debating this awful bill back in 2009 and 2010, Congressional Democrats and the president said over and over again that this was not a tax," stated Westmoreland. "Well now the Supreme Court -- the highest court in the land -- has come out and said it is tax. And today, every person that voted against repealing it told the American people they support one of the largest tax increases in our nation's history at a time when unemployment remains above eight percent and our economy continues to drag."

This is the second time the House has voted to fully repeal the law. In one of the first moves of the 112th Congress, Westmoreland joined a bipartisan group of his colleagues in the House to repeal the law. Since then, Congressman Westmoreland has voted more than 30 times to fully or partially repeal or defund ObamaCare.