Issue Position: The 10th Amendment and Shrinking the Federal Government

Issue Position

Our Federal government is far too big and is involved in far too much. Over time, it has tried to be all things to all people and has tried to accomplish that goal through stacks of new laws and regulations. In doing so, it has stolen our state and individual freedom one fiber at a time. My work for you in Washington is geared toward shrinking the size of the Federal government and reducing its involvement in the lives of Georgians. I am working to return power to where it belongs--to the people.

For too long, the Federal government has taken on responsibilities that the U.S. Constitution reserves for the states and for the people. When you elected me to Congress, I joined the 10th Amendment Task Force where I and a group of conservative House members work to develop and promote proposals that will return power, decision-making, and money from Washington back to states, local governments, and individuals. You can read more about the 10th Amendment Task Force by clicking here.

For me, the logic is simple: no one in Washington will ever know more about our needs or care more about our success than we do right here in Georgia. Therefore, the money and the power should remain with those who will use it best--you and I right here in Georgia.

Creating a smaller federal government doesn't mean we don't care about our neighbors; it means that we don't believe a one size fits all federal approach is the best way to serve them. Our Founding Fathers knew that the closer the power stays to home, the better represented we will all be. I agree. My role in Congress is not to pass new laws; it is to repeal old ones. My mission in Congress is not to utilize great federal power; it is to take that power away and return it to the American people from whom it came. America is great not because of its government but because of its people. I truly believe the federal government that governs best is the one that governs least.