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Duckworth Represents Special Interests in Chicago Teachers Strike


Date: Sept. 10, 2012
Issues: Labor Unions

"Today the Chicago Teachers Union turned their backs on Chicago's students to pursue greater salary and benefits. The average Chicago teacher makes over $70,000 before benefits. That is around twice as much as the average Chicago worker. Our local economy is struggling and our children are stuck in subpar schools receiving a failing education. Still, the CTU demands more from the cash-strapped taxpayers.Monday morning, the Chicago Teachers Union walked out in its first strike in 25 years over demands including a 20% pay increase over the next few years. Congressman Joe Walsh released the following statement regarding the strike and his opponents ties with the Chicago Teachers Union:

"Unfortunately, Ms. Duckworth sides with the overreaching public sector unions instead of students and families. To date, she has received thousands of dollars for her campaign from the American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO, which are strong allies of the CTU. It's my hope she returns the money contributed towards her campaign from these organizations to show her support of Children in the City of Chicago. That, or she needs to make clear why she stands with the CTU and their outrageous demands of a 20% raise.

"From Washington to Chicago, governments need to tighten their belts and get spending under control. Ms. Duckworth, whether it is a $2.5 million taxpayer funded boondoggle to Hawaii or allying with groups like the CTU, has already made clear to us she cannot be trusted with the taxpayer's dollar."