California Taxpayers Association Awards Paul Cook Sixth Straight 100% Anti-tax Rating


Date: Oct. 2, 2012
Location: Yucca Valley, CA
Issues: Taxes

Colonel Paul Cook (ret.) announced that he has earned his sixth straight 100% anti-tax rating as a state lawmaker. Each year, the California Taxpayers Association, one of the state's leading anti-tax watchdogs, compiles a list of bills that would reduce or increase taxes. Lawmakers who vote consistently to reduce taxes and to prevent tax increases can earn a perfect 100% anti-tax rating. Cook has earned a 100% anti-tax rating each year he has been in office.

Cook stated, "I have a record, and I will stick by it in Congress. I'm working to create jobs and fix our economy, and the clearest path to a recovery is through lower taxes."

For over 86 years, the California Taxpayers Association has sought to protect taxpayers from unnecessary taxation and has been a proponent of fiscal responsibility in government.

Cook continued, "I'm proud to have earned my sixth straight 100% anti-tax rating, and I'm proud to have authored bills to reduce income taxes for middle-class families who are struggling in this economy, to the reduce the sales, and eliminate burdensome taxes on mom-and-pop businesses."